Wonford COG’s

Wonford COGs (Community Organisations and Groups)


COGs stands for Community Organisations and Groups and is an informal network of organisations, and voluntary groups. We meet three or four times a year to discuss anything relevant to Wonford, to find out what other organisations/groups are planning and to see how we can support each other. Our councillors are also invited and businesses and residents are welcome.

Wonford COGs was set up by local resident Helen Moore back in November 2013. 

‘I was Chair of a small panel of residents set up to access Community First funding and we invited local community groups and organisations to an event to tell them about the scheme. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to meet up and felt that it would be good to do it again! When I sent out the notes from the event I used the term Wonford COGs as a working title for the group but it has stuck!’

The plan was that groups/organisations would take it in turns to arrange the meetings and the WASP Project organised the second one in February 2014. But after Wonford Methodist Church organised the third one no-one offered for the fourth one so Helen agreed to do it again and has continued to co-ordinate meetings since

As well as the regular meetings (usually in person but via Zoom during covid pandemic) there have been meetings about specific local issues such as youth provision, ECC officials and consultants have given presentations and the police requested a special meeting following the tragic events in 2023

In 2017 Wonford COGs was runner-up for the Communities Together Award, one of the Express and  Echo Community Awards. 

If you are part of a community group or organisation based in Wonford or a local business please join us or if you are a Wonford resident interested in community you would be very welcome!